Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Remembering this Memorial Day Weekend

I decided to take this past  holiday weekend off  from the social media arena to enjoy my two Marine sons and their families. Weekends like this are rare as they live on opposite coasts. The brothers enjoyed each others company before one is about to be re-deployed.  I enjoyed taking the grandchildren to the park and
Attempting to rescue the baby robin
spending precious moments. While at the park, our granddaughter spotted a baby robin hopping around looking for it's mommy.  She tried so hard to catch it so that she could return it to it's nest.  We climbed trees, played hide and go seek, stopped for an ice cream where she lost the cherry that was on top and quickly picked it up off the cement patio and popped it into her mouth.  Five second rule... right?  

Gingerbread Pancakes

I was up early each morning to make special breakfasts. Gingerbread Pancakes, English Breakfast Pie, Sweet Potato-Pecan Waffles, homemade English Muffin Bread and homemade breakfast sandwiches to go with chocolate chip cookies.

I haven't been feeding the birds regularly as the Grackles hog the feeder. Yet a variety continue to return. Goldfinch, Redpoles, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and the Bluebirds.  I try to capture them through the kitchen window as often as possible.  But when I run for the camera and return to the window they have left.  Now I try to keep the camera on the kitchen window sill.

The family paused often to remember fallen veterans this Memorial Day weekend. Grandfathers and Uncles who fought in WWII and our sons fallen comrades in recent conflicts. 

And the garden got planted. Roma tomatoes, red bell peppers, some cucumbers, summer squash, and marigolds to keep the bugs and critters out. Our first crop of rhubarb is almost ready to pick. It's a small garden, but if you remember I planted way too much last year and the cherry tomato plants grew into MONSTER plants.  That was due to the good mushroom compost and chicken dung that I used.

Wishing you wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

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