Friday, September 20, 2013

What's for Breakfast at Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast?

At Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast we 
with the freshest local ingredients we can find.  Fresh apples are just coming off the trees in the Sodus, New York area and the farmers will soon be offering U Pick. When you come to Sodus you will find orchards upon orchards of numerous varieties of apples.  Your favorite variety will be available at one of the many farm markets nearby.  Each year in October the farm markets offer an Apple Tasting Tour; giving the visitor an opportunity to taste a variety of apples before purchase. 
Did you know that where we live in Wayne County
Local Apples
New York,  is the second largest apple producing region in all of the United States next to Washington State?  Wayne County, NY is located on the south shore of Lake Ontario, halfway between Rochester and Oswego, NY.  Situated by a Great Lake is very conducive to fruit growing.  Aside from apples, the farmers grow blueberries, cherries, pears, plums, peaches, grapes, apricots , flowers and more. 
Apple Omelet, breakfast sausage, homemade bread
With all this fresh fruit I can hardly resist not making an Apple Omelet with local smoked Swiss cheese from the Heluva Good Cheese Store in Sodus as well.  I also use local farm fresh eggs (when available) from one of my favorite go to farm markets - Burnaps                                                           This morning I served fresh local pears, an apple omelet with breakfast sausage and homemade toasted vegetable bread. To make an Apple Omelet saute your favorite variety of local apples juliand in a pan with melted butter. Saute until tender, but not mushy. Set aside. (I like to use two varieties when offering this)
Beat two large farm fresh eggs with some 1/2 and 1/2 cream.   Melt butter in an 8" fry pan on medium low.  Pour egg mixture into pan. When egg is almost set but still a little soupy put sauteed apples on half of the egg and shredded Heluva Good Cheese smoked Swiss cheese on top of the apples. (Your choice of cheese is optional. You can use smoked cheddar, or regular cheddar. Make it your own!)  Fold egg over apples and cheese. Cover and turn heat down to low. Cook until cheese is melted - about a minute or so. Garnish with more sauteed apples and cheese. Serve with breakfast sausage or bacon and toast. I serve homemade sunflower wheat or vegetable bread toasted. Home made jam, juice , coffee and fresh fruit.  Enjoy!

The Apple Tasting Tour starts October 1, 2013. The Tour Challenge is the whole month of October and the Tasting Weekend is October 11-14. 

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