Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Glad You Had A Great Stay While You Were Here!

Guest at the Sodus Bay Pier Light on Lake Ontario

Guest on the pier at Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario
 It's always good to hear from your guest after their stay and tell you how much they enjoyed their stay at Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast.  They arrived on a cold and windy - over cast day to fish on Maxwell Creek. Here, they are enjoying a walk on the pier at Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario. The waves were really kicking up that day!
Guest fishing Maxwell Creek at Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast
A nice brown trout.

Maxwell Creek November 18, 2013 

Guest cottage at Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast November 18, 2013

This is one of our fishermen that come each year to fish for brown trout. Checking out the roaring waves on Lake Ontario at Sodus Bay.

One our our guest showing off the catch of the day. A beautiful brown trout. November 18, 2013.

Maxwell Creek at sunset taken by one of our guest on November 18, 2013.

Our guest sent this photo of our cottage where he and his friends stayed.  The cottage is actually the original carriage house built in 1846. It's built out of cobblestones from Lake Ontario.

Thank you for sharing your photos! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay! Looking forward to seeing you again. We love hearing from you.

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