Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gen. G. Patton's Schooner Moored at Sodus Bay - NY

Gen. Patton's Schooner - When and If
How exciting is this? A piece of WWII history in our own back yard. I just learned that General George Patton's Schooner - the "When and If" is moored at Katlyn Marina, Sodus Point, NY on Sodus Bay.   The beautiful 63'5" long schooner is currently owned by the owners of Hazlitt Winery on Seneca Lake.  It's here for some much needed repairs.  You can see that the masts are not up as they are in the marina shop being sanded down.  I was told that the main hull is 2" thick teak wood. 

Wheel of the - When and If

A gentleman working on the schooner this afternoon gave me a little bit of the history of this old gal and I was invited aboard to see the quarters below.  He explained to me that George Patton had the schooner built in 1939 in Wiscassett, Maine. He knew that a war was coming and named the schooner the "When and If" because he expected to sail it when and if he returned from the war.  Apparently, legend has it that the General only got to sail it once.  If you look closely you can see the name of the schooner in the center brass part of the wheel on the bottom. It's upside down in this photo. 
A bunk down below the When and If
I was told that the schooner will be at Katlyn Marina in Sodus Point through the end of the summer. I hope to chronicle some of her transformation for you. She's a little musty smelling right now, but I'm sure she will be as beautiful as the day she first sailed. 

You can read more on this facinating history on: http://www.oldsaltblog.com/2010/10/pattons-schooner-when-and-if-to-be-sold/

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