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Happy Birthday Elizabeth Preston

Elizabeth Swales-Preston 

April 18, 1902 - 

A 90th Birthday Celebration for Elizabeth Preston

Among the many items I received from Peter Gaylord were a number of newspaper clippings dating back to 1902 and 1905. This particular one reports Elizabeth Preston's 90th Birthday party hosted by her grandson's wife Mrs. Willis T. Gaylord on April 18th, 1902.  All of Elizabeth's children were present except the youngest, John Preston, who at the time was employed by the government in Olcott, N.Y. 

Among the children were Mrs, Willis T. Gaylord ( Mary Preston), of Sodus; Mrs. W.B. Morley (Elizabeth- “Lizzie” Preston , of Sodus Center, George Preston and wife (Anna W. Cleveland)of Canastota, N.Y.; Mrs. E.H. Sentell, (Fanny Preston), of Sodus Point; Mrs. Hattie Lee, (Hattie Preston) of Newark, and Mrs. E.B. Mather,(Anna “Annie” Preston), of Sodus Center.  Several grandchildren and three great grand children - Miss Castelle, and Master Preston Gaylord, of Sodus; and Master Roger Ewing, of Holley, N.Y.

The article goes on to tell of how Mother Preston held the place of honor at the dining table with about 25 guests seated. After dinner other guest came to wish her well as she reminisced about her childhood years telling the story of coming to America in a sailing vessel down the St. Lawrence River, landing at Sodus Point at the age of six. Her family originally settled in Geneva, N.Y. Before her father purchased nearly 1,000 acres along the shores of Lake Ontario in Sodus, N.Y.  At 90 years young, Mrs. Preston retained all of her faculties except her eye sight. She recognized her family and friends by their voices.  She was remarkable for her age. 

At this time, Mrs. Preston was the last of the old people, of a once large and flourishing neighborhood composed mostly of large families and known generally as the Sentell District. 

Below is a copy of the original newspaper clipping of Elizabeth Preston's 90th Birthday Party. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Preston (sitting) Mrs. Mather (standing)

1902 newspaper clip of Elizabeth Preston's 90th Birthday

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