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This historic 1846 cobblestone home was built by William Swales for his daughter Elizabeth as a wedding gift. The home is rumored to have been an Underground Railroad safe house where slaves came for food and shelter. Small schooners sailed into Maxwell Bay at the bottom of the property to trade wheat for the flour once made at the old gristmill that still stands on the property since 1794. This original cobblestone home remained in the ancestral family for nearly 150 years and is on the National and State Register of Historic Places under the "Preston - Gaylord Cobblestone Farmhouse". The cobblestone carriage house is one of less than a handful still standing today. The carriage house has been converted into guest accommodations perfect for families, groups and extended stay guests working in the area.

In April 2016 the property received recognition from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation the "Legends and Lore of the Underground Railroad" road sign.

In June 2019 we celebrate 21years owning and operating Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast. "We do our world traveling at the dining room table and enjoy meeting guest from all over the world learning about life where they live. Over the years, we have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. It is our goal to provide a safe, peaceful, and relaxing respite. We strive to make our guests comfortable during their stay and leaving with a desire to return.

We have always been conscientious about supporting our local businesses, local farmers, and practice “green” living in order to leave less of a carbon footprint on our environment. Some of the things we do:

  • By supporting local businesses and farmers we use less fuel in obtaining goods and services. In turn, it supports a thriving community.
  • We use local farm fresh eggs, fruit and produce when in season.
  • We use only non-toxic cleaners throughout the Inn.
  • Linens are laundered with perfume free and dye free detergent.
  • We compost grass clippings to table scraps.
  • We recycle plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and batteries and encourage our guests to do the same during their stay.
  • We reduce water needs by asking our guests to re-use their towels during their stay.
  • We save energy by using Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs throughout the inn.
  • We ask our guests to turn off air conditioning when not in use.
  • These practices will conserve our resources and save money in the end.
1846 cobblestone house
Down by the creek
Common sitting room for our guest to enjoy TV and books.
Dinning in the original Keeping Room overlooking
Maxwell Creek.

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